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STARR Portal Pricing

Our services are based on the number of employees.

  • Call for pricing on more than 300 employees
  • Call for franchise discount pricing
  • Additional storage fees (for document storage and in-service modules)
    • Up to 1GB included in monthly fee above
    • Each additional GB of storage = $5 additional per month
  • Our Periodic Staff Questions tool uses mobile text messaging for communications services. Text messages are billed at $0.01/message.
    • Typical use is (1) message per day for the selected employee.
    • In this scenario, your cost would be $0.30 per month for that employee.

Initial commitment is for 3 months of services paid at contract signing. After the first 3 months, services are provided on a month to month basis. Services may be canceled at any time after the initial 3 months. We require a 3 month commitment since we do not charge any fees for account setup or telephone support.